Sister Network

My desire to work within a network of like minded mommas started about a year into being a doula.  I had this yearning to share my experience, knowledge and training with another mother who shared the same passion and values as I do.  This desire came to life when my 2-time client came to me expressing the path God laid on her heart.

Meet Emily, my sister doula:

 Emily and I met back in 2009 when we she hired me to be her doula for her first baby.  She is an all natural momma with incredible strength.  I was not only blessed to be Emily’s doula for her first birth but also at her second and soon-to-be third birth (a 3-peat!).  She began expressing interest into becoming a doula in 2012 so we set her up to shadow one of my client’s labor and births.  That was it…hook, line and sinker.  Emily and I worked closely together in training as well as her shadowing two labor/births of my clients.  She is currently in training through Birth Arts International for her Doula Certification and has supported 7 labor/births and counting.
Emily is my back-up doula and offers all the same services that I provide.  She is an amazing, Jesus following woman with a passion and heart for women, families and children.

If you are interested in contacting Emily, please use the form below: